Refreshments and Food for Wrench Day

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Checkers R Wreckers
May 11, 2005
Thought a new thread would be appropriate to keep it seperate...

I'm picking up a 1/2 Barrell of Red Hook Blonde and Cups on Friday. How many total are we expecting for food, etc. :beer:
Kewl....We've been sayin we need a keg on tap at the we got one! LOL!

Brats, and Brats...mmmm
I will bring brats. I think I have around 8 pounds left. or more. I know I owe Nick some for the seats. I will pick up some good Buns for said brats as well and the stadium mustard..

I have to take it easy on the beer.

Since this is an offical MOLC/BBS event, we do have money left to eat up some of the cost. Though i suggest we also have a donations can, since we have't pulled any money in since the sale of the FJ60.

- Jason
I'll be bringing some side dishes (mac. salad, sushi :flipoff2: , potato salad, etc.)

Red Hook....good choice Mark.

Like the avatar by the way.
Till Saturday
If everyone just brings a covered dish, we should be golden. Warren's on the Brats, I'm going to get some as well to add to it, and thought we might just do traditional BEER Brats boiled in kettle of Red Hook, then slap some onions and peppers on there...

Or in my case...Slap some BBQ Sauce on that...WHAMMY! LOL

Gonna be cold...Brrr....I have a furnace in the shop that will keep it at 60 degrees regardless.
Just whipped up 3 pounds of lean Kielbossa. Mmmm pretty tasty too. I will pack some up for the weekend.
I am still in limbo. I may be in WV, maybe not. Regardless, I would be in the "non-drinking wussy" group.

Don't worry...Van Meter and the crowd in CBus will eventually finish off the dee-licious Red Hook...


ps: Karl...missing out man....:grinpimp:
OHIOFJ40 said:
I am still in limbo. I may be in WV, maybe not. Regardless, I would be in the "non-drinking wussy" group.

I'd like to be in the "non-drinking, non-wussy" group, if there is any space available.:)

Otherwise, I'll settle for the wussy group. Again.:rolleyes:

Sounds like we got the meat & bread aspect covered (thanks Warren), so i'll bring something green, just to be different.

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