Reduce OME lift

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Sep 1, 2006
I have a 1973 FJ 40 with OME springs. I also have front shackel reversal kits. Together this adds about 4 inches of lift. I would like to lower the lift to about 2 inches. I've read about removing one or two leafs from the springs to soften the ride and lower the lift. Does anyone know what the lift loss would be if I removed one or two leafs? Thanks
Hi All:

I will assume you mean by your question how much loss in front suspension height will be produced by removing leaves from the front OME spring packs.

OME 40 Series front leaf spring packs only provide about 1.5 inches of lift over the OE factory ride height.

Removing the third (3rd) leaf from the top of the spring pack will reduce the load-carrying capacity of the spring. Drive on this for a awhile and the spring pack will sag in short order.

How much suspension height you will lose in the end by doing this is a big question (one inch?)

Good luck!


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