Redline tube doors installed & reviewed

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Aug 11, 2006
Parker County, Texas
Finally got the Redline Motorsports tube doors I bought and had delivered to the Roundup in Katemcy installed. The doors are made from 1.5", 0.120-wall steel tubing and are heavier than I thought they might be - would definitely protect you if needed. They come unfinished, with all necessary hardware to install including male hinges for the doors, stainless steel paddle latches, and new door strikers for the latches.

I had mine powder coated; I attempted to match them with my Rustic Green paint and the closest I could come was RAL 6000, Patina Green. The color chip was a very close match; unfortunately the finished product is a shade too light.

While I said "all necessary hardware" was included, I did add a few washers to my installation. The stainless steel paddle latches come with Nylock nuts but no washers; I supplied my own flat washers to protect the powder coat on the back of the door. Ditto with the supplied round hex-head bolts to secure the hinges to the doors - no washers were furnished, so I chose to add flat washers and lock washers for security and powder coat protection. The supplied bolts were plenty long enough to make full thread contact with the captured nuts inside the doors even after the washers were installed.

The only minor complaint I have with the doors is that the paddle latches would not install in the adjustment slots made in the doors, I had to file three out of the four holes in each door to get the bolts through at all. Fortunately, no fore-and-aft adjustment was needed on the paddle latches, so simply filing some round holes (not slots) on the edges of the slots with a small rat-tail file was all that was required. Possibly the heat of welding the latch-mounting plates in the doors warped the plates a little or something.

The holes in the striker plates also did not line up with captured nuts in the tub of my truck, and required filing to be able to mate the striker bolts with the captured nuts. You re-use your stock door striker bolts for this location; no new ones are provided. The stock bolts have tapered heads and captured lock washers for countersunk holes, but the provided striker plates are not countersunk. The old bolts work anyway and hold the new striker plates solidly. With the ages and variations in these old trucks, it did not surprise or annoy me to have to do a little filing here.

The hinges fit fine with no additional modification.

Overall, I'm pleased with the results and believe these tube doors will be a valuable addition to my truck when wheeling or even just driving around with the top off.

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Looks sharp! If you want to color match, just scuff and paint over the powdercoat. PC makes a great base coat.
If you want to color match, just scuff and paint over the powdercoat. PC makes a great base coat.

Thanks for the tip, I may have to try that.
AMAZING products for sure...they are next on my list from Redline
1911, We are glad you like them, the issues you have had are the only ones I am aware of! Our parts are cut with a plasma, and have a very small taper when cut, thats the only reason I can figure out about this situation. Mabee we'll have to make them .005 bigger so no one else had this problem!
We strive to make our products 100% perfect, and will take this to the table and get it fixed!

BTW those doors do look good:D


Those doors are on my wish list! Have you considered changing the color to black or grey to match the roll bar? Thanks for sharing the pictures here on MUD.
Have you considered changing the color to black or grey to match the roll bar?

Yeah, I'm wishing now that I would have had them powder coated black; would have been cheaper too!

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