Redline Land Cruisers 2F TBI conversion

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Dec 4, 2004
Anyone had Redline Land Cruisers in CO convert their carbed 2F to TBI? Not a V8 conversion but retaining the 2F and only swapping out the carb for TBI. Here's a link

If so would you provide feedback on the conversion? I'm specifically interested in the pros and cons of this conversion for a 60 but a 2F is a 2F and if the work was done in a 40 that's is still applicable.
I don't know of any members that have used Redline's services, but several have done GM TBI swaps with good results. From what I've read it's not so much in the power gains, but fuel economy and driveability.
Marshall (@Trollhole) offers one (i believe) and there are a few guys around here that run them as well as the GM conversion.
I used a kit from AFI... http://www.affordable-fuel-injectio..._Complete_TBI_System_w_Distributor-17-16.html

I'm sure they are either using this kit or putting it together themselves.

Pros: easy cold starts, smoother power delivery (no 1-2 barrel transition), runs perfect at any altitude, replacement parts are easy to find at any parts store, highway driving took less
physical effort because you don't have to push the pedal as far and it isn't as stiff, great for wheeling - the FI tries to maintain idle so it is harder to stall at low rpms. Easy to troubleshoot and parts are very easy to replace (see cons, it will happen). Runs super clean with a good cat.

Cons: $$$, you are adding in extra parts that will fail (sensors, injectors), doesn't add power or increase mpg IF your carb is in perfect tune. May not be smog-friendly in some areas.

I don't know if this is what you are looking for or not. I would do it again, I felt like it was worth it. I did it myself and installed it over a weekend. It fired on the first crank and I only had to set the timing to get it running perfect.

It's a very simple system to install, troubleshoot, and work on. Be prepared to replace a sensor now and then. I carried an extra injector and fuel pump when traveling. Those are pretty much the only parts that will leave you stranded. However we drove it across the country and back with no issues at all.
To answer your question directly @Godwin I do not believe there is anyone on here that has specifically used their kit.
My questions are specific to what Redline offers because I have a friend in CO who is considering this service. I'm trying to gather some feedback so that I can help her with her decision.

Don't know about their TBI conversion per se, but Justin (owner) is top-notch and Redline is a stand-up business that supports TLCA wheeling events and etc. I have purchased parts from them (tube doors among others) and was impressed with the quality and customer service. I wouldn't have any problem at all buying from them again or recommending them to friends.
I live in the Springs, and Justin and his guys are top knotch. They do great work, and Justin is always ready to help out a fellow cruiser. Just have your bud call him and talk it over!

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