Red Line Charcoal Canister mounts and conversion brackets Coming soon.

Sep 19, 2007
Colo Spgs Colorado
As one should know CC are an important component to keeping your tank from being a pressure bomb, stinky garages and they also keep your tank from cranking. In order for this component to work proper, other items must be in place.
A fuel vapor separator> OEM spec for your year cruiser if possible
A fuel purge line one way check valve, tank side
A vacuum signal to pull vacuum on throttle position only with a one way vac valve.
Late LC's have a CC with a electric sel on top. That must be "inop" 90% of them these days are anyway!

We use these kits on all of our cruisers that come in for carb or Sniper services and have been for awhile, so we are producing them.

I will have these up and ready for sale soon


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