Red and Green not good :(

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Feb 12, 2007
Tucson, AZ
I had my PHH swaped with the silicon version. Mine was leaking very badly. it took the shop 6.5 hours to do it and that was with me giving them some of the very good write up in print. I also supplied that PHH kit. They had never done one so the owner gamve me a break on the labor. I ended up paying $270 on a $550 bill this also included the flush and fill.

Befor I droped the truck off I had been running green 50/50 (prestone I think). Well my leak is totally gone and though even with the discount I feel I paid a little much BUT thats cool as I think that job was done very well...

just a little perspective, I'm young and only bring in around 30K a year salary wise, so even $270 is a good chunk of change for me and my wife. (and my wife is not working!!) sorry ;) just venting this morning.

Anyway the point to my post is that I pulled my radiator cap and there is green in it.. i pulled my overflow cap ...full of red. This is a shop that only dose Toyota, scion, lexus. I asked if they where doing a flush and fill with red. They said yes.

it dose look as though there is some red in the radiator. Could it be that there is just a coating of green inside the radiator from years of using that with the PO and that when filling it with red it mixed enough to turn green? I really do not what to think that they charged me for a flush and fill and all they did was top of the over flow, with the wrong color..should I just get the whole system flushed and filled again? can I drive around with mix? I have heard this is bad, but not sure why.

thanks all
A proper flush should not leave ANY of the old radiator fluid in it period. This is not good and needs to be taken care of ASAP by the shop. I think if you let them know what you found that they would have you take it back in so they can take care of it. If they specialize in Toyota's they'll know the importance of this.

I thought you were talking about the red and green silicone hose that I used for the PHH. I do not want to do that again!

Bring it back and make them flush it correctly. That is ridiculous.
Maybe they forgot to turn the heaters on during the flush...remember the rear heater too if you have it.

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