Recs for Axle/Knuckle Service in central NJ

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Dec 8, 2003
Hi all,

I am planning to get my LC birfields repacked and the knuckles serviced in the next few months. Can anyone recommend a reliable shop in central New Jersey or should I just bring it to the dealer? The thought of doing the work myself did cross my mind but due to time and my limited mechanical abilities, I would rather have someone more expericenced do this than make a mistake on the first try.


1997 LC

There are a couple of places in central Jersey that Junk recommended a while back. You might try a search for "garage" or "shop" or "mechanic" with Jersey included. Maybe that will bring it up.

There are a few other guys from New Jersey on this board too.

There's a dealer in Flemington (James Toyota) that specializes in LCs and (excuse me...) Hummers. I don't know if they're good at front axles, but they do service a lot of cruisers. But it WILL be spendy to have them do it.

Have you considered doing this yourself? It's really not bad--just messy and time consuming. Check out the write-up on the tech page. If you think you need help, let me know--if you're not too far away (I live in East Amwell/Flemington), I can give you a hand (though I've only done it once myself).


Thanks. I may take you up on your offer in the spring if I decide to do it myself.

How long did it take you to repack your Birfields? Did you do the knuckle service at the same time?

I am in East Brunswick.

Since you're in East Brunswick, you could PM Koffer. If he can't fit you in, there's a guy off of Rt 31 in Glen Gardiner (PM me and I'll send you his info).

If you want stricly a Toy dealer, call Crystall Auto Mall in Greenbrook on 22, and ask to talk to Paul Moore (the service mgr), tell him I told you to call him and request that Dave do the work on your truck.

I'm near Morristown and will always be ready if you decide to tackle it yourself and get stuck. I have a "few" extra parts. :D

BTW, welcome to the forum. As you can see, the members here are pretty decent guys.

When referring to a front axle service, most of us would consider this cleaning and repacking the birfs, replacing all the seals, wipers, etc., and usually replacing the knuckle bearings. Sometimes, even replacing the wheel bearings. That's what I did, sans the wheel bearings which were fine. If you review the tech articles, you'll see that it's the work in terms of time/labor that accounts for most of the expense associated with this job if you have the dealer do it, so if you're "going in" you may as well do it all. The parts for my rebuild only came to about $200 thru the "smart shopper" discount program, so that was about my total cost. It took me most of two days, but I think after having done it now, it would take less next time. I also ran into a couple of little problems, so that ate up some time... ::)

East Brunswick isn't far...give a hollar if you want some help.


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