Reconditioned LC/LX Wheels from HH Auto Accessories?

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Mar 16, 2009
Stuck between a rock and a hard place
Has anyone purchased reconditioned wheels from HH Auto Accessories? They have LC and LX wheels for around $150-160 a pop, fully re-conditioned, re-clear-coated, etc (plus free shipping).

Looking to jettison my chromies, and get a new set of factory wheels. Reconditioning mine locally would cost about the same, but likely take longer. Appreciate any feedback, personal experience.
I can get them powder coated here in Phoenix for $35/each. Freight would be the deal killer if you're not local.
Been tossing around the idea of stripping the chrome and powder coating either in black or dark that look, but will run around $35 for the stripping, and an additional $80-$100 to get them powder coated here in the SF Bay Area...yeah everything is at least 2x the national average for prices.

The nice part about getting ones already reconditioned is that they are done, and can have new tires, no two-week downtime while the Cruiser sits on blocks.
If you can mud ship them or otherwise get them here to Phoenix, the $35 price includes everything.

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