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Nov 30, 2015
North GA
I'm not sure whats going on from that picture, but looks like a car ran over your bumper. I assume it maybe fell off your LC during transport? I hope everyone is ok.
Apr 28, 2016
I had the whole pallet on my trailer, in the exact state it was received from Fastenal. Apparently, a Fastenal forklift driver must have hit one end of the pallet a little too hard and it moved the end 2x4 on the pallet and the screw holding down the front right bumper wing came loose. I didn't notice this and as i was bouncing my way along the interstate that piece worked it's way loose and fell off the trailer, striking the car two positions back. :(
Jan 16, 2013
Williston, ND
Looks like you already got most of your items taken care of.

I would not hesitate to buy a badlands winch.

I spared no expense with my build (Slee front and rear bumper, full Slee belly plates, Slee sliders and OME lift with UCA and diff drop) however, I have had zero issues with the badlands and have bought three of them.

I had an H1 with the Badlands winch and it was fine. As well as one on my 80 and now on my 100.00.

Yes they are cheap, but they work. And for 299.00, to me it is a no brainer.

I have seen expensive brand names winches fail-Warn (in person) and if it was a harbor freight everyone would have blamed it on the cheap “Chinese sourced parts” but since it was a Warn, everyone just blamed it on the vehicle being “really stuck.”

I know this is a sensitive topic for some and I am just sharing my opinion and experiences....

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