recommende transfer case oil, fj40

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Nov 4, 2003
Ive got an old landcruiser manual and have gone through it 3 times no and cant find the recommended t-case oil type for a 3 speed t-case,
thanks in advance
80W-90 gear oil.

The Toyota chassis and body manual *should* list this info out, but may not, and the owners manual for sure would have it.

Good luck!

I'm just going to use the standard 80W-90 gear oil in my 3 speed transfer.
Engine Manual, Page 9-5, SST and Service Specifications:

Gear Oil: Castrol Hypoy 90, BP Gear Oil EP 90, Chevron Multiservice Gear Lubricant 90, Esso Gear oil GP 90, Mobilube GX 90, Texaco Universal Lubricant EP 90, Valvoline X-18 MD (GL-5) 80/90.


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