Recommendations on rear wheel bearing grease

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Jun 20, 2003
Fort Langley, BC
Hi Guys - After stalling for 2 years, I'm finally getting around to doing my rear wheel bearings today. Everything is going peachy keen except I'm wondering if I should use the my Moly based Redline synth grease (same as I used on birfs and front wheel bearings).

Any thoughts from the OCD crowd?

The FSM calls for plain Jane MP grease... Beno used M1 synth grease... I'm wondering since I used Redline up front, if I should standardize on that... only thing is, it's got moly in it...

Thanks in advance.

Riley, I have used moly based grease in my rear hub and bearings the both times I have cleaned and repacked my rear hubs/bearings..I have never had any issuses, from what I have read on here is that moly based grease is not bad for bearings, but people just use the thicker less tacky/sticky MP grease....
Moly can cause bearings not specd for it to slide instead of roll. I personally would not use it for that reason alone. I think if you're going in there to do the work, I'd use what Toyota specd - after all, moly existed when they chose the non moly. I have used M1 synthetic on mine since new and I'm still on the original bearings at 170,000 miles including some heavy towing.


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