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recipe for disaster?..possible PAP trip..

Discussion in 'Chit-Chat' started by cruzer, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. cruzer


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    Oct 18, 2002
    So a couple college "buddies" want to go wheeling at paragon sometime this summer.....

    Truck 1:
    97 durango...5in suspension lift...3in body lift...38x15 on r15s TSLs...9.25in durango axle with assuie locker...ARG rock ram in the front cobbled into the IFS...has been through about 4 pumps and 3 boxes and its still not right. he has "sliders" that he made out of muffler tube...you know he slipped to pieces that fit tight together and then bent it...(yikes) should see his ultra cool front "grill gard/recovery point...did i mention he bent it up pulling a mailbox out of the ground?

    Truck 2:
    86? Suburban massive spring lift...worn out 36in mickey thompson baja's...14bolt SF rear...(maybe a locker)...SBC with a lead foot and no recovery points...

    Truck 3:
    Stock TJ with 32x11.5 Thunder Chickens...still making payments...

    Me: In duh cruiser? or should i just use the GMC tow rig so i don't embaress them to much?

    So whatcha think? what do you think breaks first? oh and did i mention that the durango has a 5in IFS lift that the guy welded on cause it was shifting around to much just being bolted on?

    ...Stew..gonna get out of this one foshizzle
  2. mabrodis


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    Mar 22, 2004
    Castle Rock, CO
    Which one has the confederate flag in the back? :D

    The welded suspension on the Durango sounds about right, a buddy had a '98 Dakota with the Tuff-Country 5.5" lift (probably same as what's on that Durango), that was a horrible lift, almost all the connections were friction-fit, so it was all over, so welding it up was actually an improvement I'm sure...my buddy just sold his instead of fixing it right...but he should have welded it.

    As to who will break first, whoever gets on the gas more, all those vehicles should do fine just playing around, but get crazy on the gas, and hopping and I think things will start snap'n...take pictures ofcourse.. :D
  3. brian

    brian SILVER Star

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    Feb 7, 2003
    how did this work out?