RecCon Montana - July 19th - 21st @ Fort Missoula (Missoula, MT)

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Jun 4, 2016
Gump in the 406

This event looks pretty cool, I'll be there. Anyone else attending RecCon Montana?

What You Can Expect -
We are bringing together Montana’s, outdoor retailers, manufacturers, overlanding enthusiasts, guide services, mountain bikers, fly shops, outfitters, summer and winter sports enthusiasts, non-profits, government agencies and public land owners from around the state and country to showcase the wide range of things you can do in the Great State of Montana.

At RecCon Montana, guests will have the opportunity to participate in workshops facilitated by world class outdoor recreation professionals on a wide range of topics, intended to build skills and confidence as people head out to explore the front ranges and backcountry of Montana.

RecCon Montana is organized by the Montana Outdoors Foundation, a Missoula based non-profit focused on advocating for outdoor recreation opportunities, adventure, exploration and travel in Montana. They believe stewardship and conservation are crucial to preserving the legacy of adventure and exploration within this great state so that future generations are able to discover the remote and beautiful public lands that make Montana special.
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Organizers are super nice and I think it’ll be a good show. Overland Cruisers will probably be there. I can’t make it. I’ll be shooting an event

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