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Jun 11, 2004
Anyone know of a good American source for rebuilt A440F torque conveters? I know and use Rodney's Extreme converter but a friend in Asheville, NC needs a T/C now and a shop there in town can source one locally. I'm just curious what they may be supplying her with.
When I rebuild my tranny there was a company called Axiom that I sourced my rebuild kit from. They have since changed their website from a market based site to a vendor only log in site. However, they do have retail stores around the US and I did remember asking them if they rebuilt TC, which they do. The TC will be sent off though. That could be the source.

Also, most rebuild parts for Toyota TC's come from a company called Sonnax. There's an upgradeable friction ring that they offer for the lockup.
A440F Lockup Friction Ring.JPG
Ive used Integrity Trans. in Rockwall,Texas and ATR trans. in Little Rock,Arkansas Ilike both alot.Jake at ATR is very good. Mike
Local shop rebuilt mine. The tranny shop I used outlet the service to a local torque converter specialty shop. Don't remember exactly how many miles I've got on it now but > 15,000 with no problems.

A good converter shop can cut it open and modify the angle and count of the fins to change the stall speed but I don't know exactly what goes into a stock type converter rebuild. Here is what I've been told and read - if the tranny burnt through the clutch pack(s) the debry may be in the converter. That's why most tranny rebuilders like a rebuilt converter - nothing to back flush into the new tranny and mess things up. Some go so far as to replace the radiator (if there is a built in cooler) and flush the cooler lines.

Also make sure that whoever does it replaces the seal for the lockup clutch. These crack and split and then the clutch doesn't fully engage. Apparently it is a pain to pull the seal so sometimes it gets missed. Mine was cracked in 3 places and replacing it made a big difference.

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