Rebuilt Tie Rods-(pics)

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Jun 8, 2012
Southwest Oregon
Bought a 5 piece tie rod kit from CCOT and rebuilt my tie Rods...That and and an adjustment on the steering box tightened her up.

tie rod 1.jpg

tie rod 2.jpg
Cool!^^^ That's where I ended up getting all 4 TRE's for mine. The 2 on the connecting rod were too far gone for rebuilding. I thought the quality was comparable to OEM and the prices were really good. I saw their rebuild kits while I was shopping on their website. The 2 ends on my actual tie rod looked in good shape. I will install those soon when I can also get the alignment done right. Looks like you're starting to get that rig ready to rumble. When will we get to see it "working"..?:cool:
Still have a ways to go,the tires she sits on are retreads,I dont trust them,finally found a vac adv.dist, couple of weeks and Ill get it installed,in the mean time I have another load of goodies coming from CCOT ,but u guys are welcome to come by the house and check my progress. :), and if anybody else lives in Rogue River and you see a Fedex Express van wave me down. :)
Wait, you're a Fed Ex delivery guy? Oh boy.... I hope you're not as weird as our UPS driver..... Hehehe ;)

Are you planning on coming out for McGrew? If you won't have a 40, there will be lots of seats available... Just say the word, and we'll make it happen!
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The socks are what seals the deal for me! Truly A Man's Man!:clap:

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It was an alley-oop started by our prez :p
.... and well then a slam dunk by our beloved ups driver.
what scares me is that he didn't even have a miller lite in his hand.

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