Rebuilt F Sat for a Long Time

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Sep 26, 2007
Inland Empire, Southern California
I have a mid year 1971 F engine long block that was rebuilt 20 years ago and was never put in a vehicle and sat in the garage. I will replace the oil pan gasket, crankshaft seal near pulley, and the rear seals. I plan to put oil in the cylinders through the spark plug holes before I place it in my FJ40 and start it. Is there anything else I should do? Perhaps pour some oil over the rods and crankshaft bearings while I have the engine upside down on the stand. I did my frameoff resto, but an idiot when it comes to the engine.
I have a 2F that set for 10+ years. I pulled the distributor, spark plugs and put in fresh oil in crankcase and some in the cylinders. Had the wife prime the engine while by hand I turned the engine over slowly. Gauge showed 25psi. Did that for a few minutes. Installed the distributor etc and put some gas down the carb and it started up and ran great.
Who rebuilt it and is there documentation?
If it is legit, I would put it in and run it after pre-lubing it.
If not, I would tear it down and check it out completely to make sure it is OK.
Great advice here. Be sure to turn it over slowly by hand while priming the oil pump with a drill. Take the valve cover off and verify that you have oiling at the top end (rockers).
This 2F sat garaged for at least 6 years we know of. Primed the oiling system added some fuel and she runs Great
If it sat 20 years, you will be replacing the valve stem seals at some point, so if it seems to burn oil, or smoke upon deceleration, that might be considered normal.

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