Rebuilt Aisin MC Resivior Question

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Oct 6, 2006
Good Day,

I have narrowed my brake problem down to the Master Cylinder. (I hope, crosses fingers. So I went and ordered and purchased a Aisin MC from NAPA, $53.

When I opened the box the rebuilt MC was there even with fittings and hoses for bench bleeding, but no resivior.

I ordered the 1" 4runner MC, reccomended by many memberson this board. My question is, "Will my old resivior fit? any suggestions on removing the sucker? Shoul I just go to a junk yard and pick up an used one? Am I screwed, and need to order a new one with the resivior? And how exactly do you spell frickin 'resivior'?

Thanks in advance!!
Nothing???? You guys got nothing for me?????

Alright, time for the salute :flipoff2:

Seriously, any suggestions or opinions would be appreciated.
I ran intot he same problem and the older res would not fit..

I ended up getting a more expensive master from Myers auto parts that came with the res..

course, you could just go down to the junkyard and get one :)
reservoir... glad I could help ;)
i had the same problem here in aus
the master cylinder i bought here had all the parts including the res
have you tried getting in touch with the company you bought it from
it maybe that the kit has been tampered with and the res removed for something or someone else :)

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