Rebuilding shocks on the east coast (Alabama) (1 Viewer)


May 20, 2018
Friend that I rent a shop with recently destroyed one of his fox 2.5 remote resi shocks recently on one of our trips. When he looked into getting it rebuilt quickly he realized there are little to no options on the east coast that rebuilds fox shocks, and the turn around from fox is 2-6 weeks. Anywho, made us wonder is there a market on the east coast (or west coast for that matter) for getting shocks rebuilt? Not just limited to fox, but we would like to take the time to get certified/reputable/knowledgeable for all/most rebuildable shocks. We’ve looked into proper tools and equipment, and if the market is available it looks like this would be an affordable way to help pay rent on our shop and dip our toes a little deeper into the off-road community. Would a small shop with good turn around times be an option you guys could or would use in the future?

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