rebuilding my fj62,,2f block or, stick w/3FE

Oct 23, 2005
Hey cruiser heads, I am new to this site, seems pretty cools so far,,,anyway I have a 1988 FJ62 that I bought with a blown engine, and I finally have some time and money to start with the rebuild. I've heard a rumor that I can gain a little horsepower/torque by replacing my 3FE block with a 2F block and keeping my fuel injected 3FE head, wiring, computer and so on. I've heard that the only thing I will lose by doing this is the 3FE's stock oil cooler.

Anyone heard of this or know if this is true? Is the horsepower gain worth losing the oil cooler? Is there any other problems caused by switching the blocks or any mods that need to be done?

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