rebuilding my carb...i need help PLese

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Mar 28, 2009
Gillette, Wyoming
I going to rebuild my carb and i need some help, i want to get the kit from crusier outfitters, but then no instructions so i dont no. Then again i can get a carb with insturctions from Spector Off Road for $40 more with instructions but thats $40s more i could use somewhere else on my 84 fj60 with stock every thing. So what im getting at is i need some instructions :p some scans off the fsm or what have you:beer:
I used spector's kit about a year ago, don't remember there being any instructions... It came in an orange rectangular box and was made by Keyster. Looks just like the ones offered by cruiser outfitters.
chances are your dealer will not have one in stock. It's probably just as fast, and less expensive to call the number associated with the link above.

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