Rebuilding my BJ40 1984 SWB -to- BJ44/6 MWB

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Apr 8, 2010
Hi Fellows,

First of all, this is a great community.. I learned alot from this forum.. and i want to be part of this by putting up the info i gather during my ride's restoration :)

I own a Jeep CJ5 1977.. Here in Pakistan, Jeeps are toyotarized usually due to lack of availability of Jeep parts :) So it has a Toyota 3CT 2.2L Diesel engine with a daihatsu rocky drivetrain :)

Last year the cruiser bug hit me.. spotted this rusted cruiser with the Registration No IDA-40.. couldnt resist and bought it in Aug 10.

I had no cash to rebuild it at that time :p So the cruiser was supposed to wait till i save something for her :)

The body was all badly rusted.. has a 2B diesel with a mitsubishi turbo nicely put up with a H42 4 speed tranny and 4.11 diffs with front disc brake being an 84 model..Here are the pics when bought..
The plan was to convert this cruiser into a mid wheel base version to get the benefit of the 14 inches additional space at the rear making it a practical touring vehicle.. Initially wanted to keep the H42 to save cost.. but numerous posts here suggested the benefits of H55 for highway travel.. so H55 made its way with some $$$ :).. the 2B is strong and will stay untouched.. the diffs were rebuilt by PO some time ago and the vehicle hardly used afterwards.. a mechanical winch was in my wish list.

The body required a huge amount of work.. the floors were badly rusted.. so were the panels.. had to take a decision.. rebuilt or get a donor.

the donor idea won.. sourced a JDM BJ46 donor in March 2011
Some of the shopping done in the last 6 months for the cruiser.. :)

Tires are Nankang N-889 Mud Stars..
Nice cruiser you've found there Akifjanjua. But I think it must really be a BJ41 (rather than a BJ40) if it has the 2B engine.

Nice tyres you've bought too.

Good luck with all the work you have planned for it.


(The body looks pretty good in your photos.)

It looks clean only.. badly rusted floors and panels all around.. its a BJ40R-KC came stock with B engine but swapped with this 2B turbo engine.. happens in a cruiser's life here :)
Frame extension

14 inches added to the rear of the frame to make it a 44.. the 44 has a longer leaf spring same as a 45.. the rear hanger moves back to accomodate.. in the end we get about 5.6inch increase in wheelbase too
Missed the body off the frame pic

The rusted body goes off the frame..
Looks like fun ,where the back frame was added to ,will that be strengthened? How easy are you finding the toyota parts? Mike
Hi Mike,

Yes the added length is strengthened by boxing it from inside.. Used toyota parts are available here.. although prices have gone up.. you always have to search alot and then bargain :)

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