Rebuild transmission or pull the trigger on H55....thoughts??

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John Staton

Oct 23, 2017
The Woodlands, TX
So I have spent more than I thought I would when I bought this and as much as I would like to get the 5 speed tranny I am considering just rebuilding the 4 speed for now. It makes all kinds of winding noised for example when I push the clutch in and put it in second. Little concerned that if i wait too much longer on any decision that I am going to be broke down.

How complete of a rebuild kit do I need to purchase and can anyone give me an idea of the cost. I know with the H55 I am going to end up spending over $3K before I even get to labor and probably end up at around $4k. Not opposed to doing it, but depending on cost, maybe I live with the 4 speeds for now until I get a fat bonus check and then I can sell the 4 speed that would now be in good shape. Going through a desmog now. Thoughts???

My FJ60 is a 1983
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I can't speak to the cost of rebuilding the 4 speed, but I can say that I love my 5 speed. I bought my truck with it and I've had the 4 speed in another 60. It's crazy how much drivability it adds.

Are you able to do any of the work yourself? That would make both options considerably more affordable.
Totally depends on month/year production date on your 60.
That will determine which transfer case you have and whether
or not the H55F is a straight drop-in or will need mods to the TC
and perhaps, driveshaft.

I think (emphasize: "think") that all USA 60's after 8/86 have the
right transfer case. I could be off a little on that date.

Someone more knowledgable will chime in...
i am pretty confident that it will bolt on with longer bolts and require mods on both drive shafts, new linkage parts and a stick shift. All of which I can purchase (except the linkage parts) together from one source. Just wondering how inexpensive it would be just to do a rebuild on the 4 speed.
Why not source a good used 4 speed can't be that expensive.
I agree with this, I have thrown out perfectly good 4 speeds because I had too many of them. the cheapest way would be to just swap 4 speeds.
Since yours is an 83,it will be a lot more work to put in the fiver. Lots of good 4 speeds out there. Just my opinion, but unless you daily drive it, you really won't recoup the cost of the 5 speed.
@mwebfj60 Did a write-up on doing the swap in an 83. So that should give you an idea of what you are looking at. With regards to the resale value of a rebuilt 4spd, most I see on ebay or other sites is around $500 for a used. @orangefj45 or @torfab may be able to answer better what full cost on either may bring you in at.
Toyota no longer sells any (necessary) parts for the 4 speed, so rebuilding it isn't an option. 5 speed only.
so what got me thinking this may be a cheap solution until I do make the swap was this rebuild kit by JT Outfiters....Just not sure if $249 is going to solve all that winding noise I get between shifts......

4 Speed Transmission Rebuild Kit 75-84 Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ60 - JTOutfitters

4 Speed Transmission Rebuild Kit 75-84 Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ60 $249.00

Part Number:JTO GBKL2

Click to enlarge


Is the four speed in your Land Cruiser in need of help? These transmissions are tough, but mileage, hard driving, and beating off road take its toll. If your tranny is leaking or roaring this is likely the cure. This the bearing / gasket kit for your 4 speed Land Cruiser transmission.

Our kits are premium quality only using Koyo and Nachi bearings. This is job you don't want to do twice.

Transmission kit comes with 4 main bearings, 2 roller bearings, needle bearings, output nut, transmission seals, and complete gasket set.

Works in factory H42 4 speed Land Cruiser transmissions '75-10/'84.

Kit does not come with gears. Picture of kit is accurate, diagrams are for informational purposes, they will help.
I wouldn't waste my time unless it came with a new input shaft. And those are long gone. Synchros are probably shot too. Not included in kit or available from Toyota. My vote — don't waste another minute of your time even thinking about rebuilding the 4 speed. Don't do it.
thats good enough for its either keep pushing this one until I make the H55 leap, or do a 4 speed swap with a good used one until then. I bought right so I think even with the 4 speed swap I could still get my $$ out of my FJ60, but that doesn't factor into the equation as much as just wanting that 5th gear on the freeway.
I know where a perfect 105K mile 4 spd is, and you are very close to it!
tell me about it....looks like you are in my area with an 84. Did you you upgrade to the H55?
I did. You will not regret it! There is a HUGE difference in price though. If you are going to have a shop tackle this you will be looking at about $5K. I did mine myself (first time attempting anything this complex) and it was fun and only mildly frustrating. My build thread has it starting on page 2 I think. I sold mine to @HemiAlex but he is in your same boat (being on the fence) about the upgrade and is still in his garage.
Hold on everybody ..........

Most of the components to rebuild the 4-speed transmission are still available. The dealer has discontinued some but you can find kits, like the Terrain Tamer kits we sell, that include all the oem Koyo bearings. We also stock new SeaMaster main shafts, input gears, oem toyota synchro rings, ...... pretty much anything and everything to rebuild your transmission and Tcase.
We also stock all the components to perform a five speed conversion and have performed this job many times. We have three brand new H55F transmissions in stock right now going into vehicles.
I will be happy to help you with the parts list of everything needed to perform this conversion on an early 60.
Georg @ Valley Hybrids & Cruiser Brothers

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