Reasonable Price for 96 FZJ80 with 134K

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Feb 28, 2003
Clearwater, FL

I will be looking at 96 FZJ80 with 134K tomorrow. It's fully loaded, but not sure if it has locking diffs. It's a two owner vehicle with all the service records available. What do you guys think I should pay for it. The asking price is 12K, is it too much, or should I be looking for something with less miles for this price. It's in KY, so there is no rust at all. Any input would be appreciated.
85 BJ70
12 would not be bad provided it has diff locks. If it does not and you want them, deduct about 3 grand because that's about what it'll cost to add them.

I'm with Dan, if it has lcokers I say go for it. Also I would advise that you make sure the cd player works good and actually plays cd's. Its a pain fixing and or replacing those. In fact on any 80 I would advise you get one with lockers no matter what, they are well worth the extra time it may take to find one and make the cruiser awesome offroad and if you dont wheel it will help with resale.
I paid $13,700 for a 96' mainly mall cruiser, loaded, lockers, and that spectacular gold package (well maybe not so spectacular). All records.... Although I think I got a real good deal 89.


BTW, I love this thing!
89K, not bad local car the blah, blah, blah, the owners told me their phone was ringing of the hook. I phoned 8am sat morning first day of the ad. I will say as the gas prices have dropped I think the prices have stablized or gone up.


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