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Jun 18, 2003
Oriental, NC
The 100 series rear wiper has always been kinda sad on my truck and always chattered acorss the rear glass. There never seemed to be the right amount of pressure, with a new blade or old blade. I heard about the new Rain X, Latitude wiper blades and went and picked one up on Saturday. It was 16 dollars. It is actually slightly bowed out and when installed seems to apply constatnt pressure on the glass. I installed it Saturday and this morning it rained. The new wiper works like a champ. Highly recommended 16 dollar mod. This seems to be 100 specific. Our GX rear wiper works great and seems to be a more modern design.
my stock rear wiper works great, just use OEM inserts.

now my rear washer dont work......must be kinked off someplace.
I do not know if the rear wiper arm is slighlty bent however I could never get the rear to sit right or work right.
You have to run the rear washer pretty often in the winter to keep the no-freeze fluid in the lines fresh. If it sits too long the alcohol evaporates and the line will freeze. Just think about the rear window every couple of months.
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Mine has always chattered as well... '07 Original OEM blade. Might give this a try. To bad its kinda ugly...
mine works alright. considering it has to slide over my big MUD sticker. it leaves some mad streaks. but then again i dont drive looking through the rear window.

this wiper however will be my next replacement
didnt work when I bought it 5 years ago, rig came from CA, I can see fliud in the lines part way under the door sill's.........but dont really care........if its raining the window is wet :)

You have to run the rear washer pretty often in the winter to keep the no-free fluid in the lines fresh. If it sits too long the alcohol evaporates and the line will freeze. Just think about the rear window every couple of months.
My rear wiper always chattered and left big streaks. New oem or replacement, didn't matter. Went with the rainx blade last year and it works great. Now bosch and Trico have similar styles to the rainx.

Some people can't stand squeeks and rattles, for me its a dirty windshield or rear window. If you are in the "dirty window" crowd give them a try. A cheap mod compared to the rest of the stuff we are putting in or on our trucks.:D
I am going to replace the front ones now.
Those wipers look very much like the Valeo brand wipers I'm using. Particularly in the winter they are a lot better than the oem ones.
The design without links, and instead only one continous spring-type blade, follows the changing curve of the window much better, with an even pressure, and without freezing into a certain curvature in winter.
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MY rear has always blown! still havent replaced it. Might try the rainx bland on the rear. Replaced the front two with Rainx ones and they work much better than stock! But more money...
my blades have yet to get their annual replacement. I replaced my rear wiper with an Anco blade, and that SUCKED. Pressure wasn't being applied evenly, which prompted me to insert the old OEM ones back.

Just purchased the RainX non-Latitude, cheaper model for my Camaro, and so far so good. Might get 'em for the 100.

I know the Bosch Icons are the $H17 from what I've read, but are too damn $$$.

Has anyone tried the Tripledge Silicone blades? Thought about trying those but choose to save a buck or so.
I'm pretty sure the Rain X Latitude is similar to the Bosch Icon? I have been using the Icons for years and love them. Well worth the money IMO.
I have always used OEM, but this winter, they came apart more than once (new in October). Now I have a new windshield and they chatter badly, causing them to come apart. I'm game for good aftermarket now.
On front OEM blades, the spring steel inserts have to be placed bent in(or out) for the driver and the opposite for the passenger. Can't remember which way but IIRC the driver has the blades bent out and I thought it would be the other way, but not sure. I wonder if there is a specific way for the rear OEM as well?
Update on this. I found an article about wipers and it mentioned that the reason a blade will chatter is because the arm is bent in a twist and the blade doesn't sit perpendicular to the glass. It recommended putting the wiper arm in position halfway through it's arc and check the angle of the blade where it hits the glass.

If you think about it, it makes sense. If the blase was tilted one way, when the arm swings in that direction it would be pushing the angled blade across the glass. Kinda like pushing a squegee rather than pulling it.
Has anyone with the stock size (16") for the rear glass experienced the wiper not clearing the glass when it gets to about the 1:00 position? I put a new aftermarket blade assembly on and there is a section of the glass that doesn't get cleaned about 6" from the top and about 4" wide, from about 11:00 to 1:00 position.

So then I went to Toyota and bought an OEM unit, still 16". It had the same problem. It was at this point that I noticed that the last ~1/2" of the blade is actually riding up onto the moulding around the glass, when it gets to the top of its sweep, causing the last several inches of the blade to lift off the glass and not clean it. So I went back to Checker and exchanged the 16" unit for a 15" unit. Now it doesn't hit the moulding and cleans the glass in it's full range of motion.

I haven't figured out yet why the OEM wiper assembly doesn't fit, that it rides up onto the moulding.

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