rear window track seat? FJ62.

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Mar 28, 2012
Did the search but couldn't find anything on this problem. 89 62 driver side rear power window "seat" or "holder" that grabs the glass attached to the track with rubber seats fell off the bottom of the window., seems easy enough but not with the room to work with, anyone done this? Any tips or tricks? My pic will not upload guess cause I am mobile. Thanks all.
I had that problem, I filled the holder with glue (no more nails) aligned the window and wound it up!
Did that about 3 years ago, has worked perfectly since then...
Nails? I must be missing something. This truck has never been torn into and I hated to but had to remove the blue film and black glue to get to it. And there were no nails. The deal is the tight fit with the rubber gasket that holds the window which sits on the track piece, its a tough fit and I can't get it to "set." Its too tight. Glue sounds good but I am not going to glue glass on the metal track. Maybe I'm not making myself clear, but thanks it does make sense but not with the rubber gaskets.
I think I removed the rubber, then glued the glass to the metal U section.
I used a glue called "no more nails" thick gloopy construction adhesive, mostly used for gluing wood together.
I guess silicone glue would work just as well...
Now that sounds like an idea and silicone could also serve as a cushion also. If it will last. Thanks HJ61
Hey Dorian,
I did that on mine after I got it. IIRC I unbolted the channel from the regulator, put the rubber piece in and slid it onto the window at an angle with a little dish soap. Try to see where it was originally fore and aft and put it back the same, if not it will bind up partway down. Bring it over and I'll help if you want, have a few days off and some new tools.
Well when your off and have time I'm busy, I think I will try sliding it on with some WD40. I jut thought if I used something slippery, it would mean it would be that much easier for it to come off again, but I will try. Thanks though Duke.

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