rear wheel maintance

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Jun 24, 2003
I have had the rear bearings(1 set per side only) for a few months now but what else to changeout. I have a 94 w/ semi float(drum brakes). According to the manual it likes like I need the paper gasket and oil seal(only 1 for semi float, correct). Is this oil seal identical to the oil seal used up front? Called around but didnt get a clear answer...CDan should know.

No, it's not. The oil seal should survive replacing the bearing. Curious why you are replacing the bearings? Are they making noise or are the seals leaking gear lube?
I dont hink they have been replaced yet, plus Koyos run about 20 bucks since I only need 1 set per side. Inexpensive maintance.
You will need an inspection cover gasket, one bearing and one seal per side. You need to drain the diff and remove the inspection cover to pull the c-clips off of the ends of the axle shafts. You will need a puller to remove the oil seal and bearing from the end of the housing.
This repair is done in the same manner as a 40,55,60,62 rear axle.

I would not change SF axle bearings unless you suspect a problem. They are lubricated by gear oil.

Thanks Cdan, the pinion, front and rear bearings at the diff is another project that needs to be done for a later date.

front/rear diff bearings???

you need to pull the cover to pull the C clips to pull out the axle shafts to replace the bearings you have sitting in your hand.

I'm with C-dan- why pull the bearings for 'fun'. If there is some problem then trouble shoot them. Now, you are just wasting time to do a bogus repair.

Not sure why you felt compelled to be the THIRD person to tell Chris how to do it, and that he doesn't need to do this. But I think "wasting time" and "bogus repair" are a bit strong.


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