Rear upper control arm bushing too big 92jf80? (1 Viewer)

Feb 20, 2006
Is there any spec or variation on rear upper control arm bushings?

It looks like the ones I pressed out were about 49.89mm and the control arm about the same, whereas new bushings seem about 50.3 or so.

0.4mm isn’t a lot till your trying to press it in, and I definitely don’t want to split the control arms. Freshly welded into an upper wishbone...

I have the rest of the bushings and there doesn’t seem to be anything I could have confused or mixed up. Debating on hitting the control arms with sanding wheel to open them up a bit, but hard to add that back in later with other bushings.

I’ve had these on the shelf for a while, I think they were Moog or Delphi.

Anyone experience this?

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