Rear Spring Hangers

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Dec 19, 2009

I have a 1981 BJ42 and I'm looking for a solid pair of rear spring hangers to use in place of my stock hangers. My new frame didn't come with any and I will be moving them forward 1 inch. Does anyone know of any vendors on the board or offroad companies that make/carry them.

All that is out there, except for a few very expensive options, are rear hangers for 4runners.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
Since you are moving them from the stock location, stock ones won't do you much good. They are offset for a SPECIFIC point in a tapering ladder frame.

Further, they are outboarded SO MUCH even in the stock location, that they are barely adequate to the task of properly supporting a bone-stock street rig. I have wheeled my 'new' 69 FJ40 a couple of times now with the 235s on it, and the passenger frame is already showing signs of stress at the rear hangers!:eek:

RuffStuff makes some burly replacement hangers. They use simple 5/8" bolts for the springs. You will have to build your own outboard supports beyond the one extra brace they supply with the bracket.


Mark A.
I was/am very happy w/ the shackles I purchased from Ruff Stuff, and am planning on going back for the spring hangers at one point. HTH.

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