rear spoiler removal

Sep 24, 2005
Chandler, AZ
I found in the faq the method to remove the roof rack and the part number for the inserts.... Thanks. But I also saw in the thread removal of the rear spoiler but no mention of plugs for those holes.

I called Power Toyota (in Tempe AZ) and ordered the roof rack inserts (and front mud flaps since my running boards are now off... thx Tad), but there is no part to cover the holes left by the rear spoler (I assume there are holes?)

Has anyone found an after market solution. There must be since I has seen many of you install after market safari racks which require the removal of the rear spoiler.

Thanks.... BTW the front mud flap P/N's are 76622-60060 and 76621-60070
Jan 13, 2005
Louisville, KY
The nutserts on mine were very tight. I just added four stainless screws and a little silicone. I haven't painted the screws with touch up paint yet.

There are a couple other ways you can deal with the issue. You can remove the nutserts and then have a body shop fill in the holes and paint them. You can also search the salvage yards for a rig the same color as yours that doesn't have a spoiler and swap out the upper tailgates. At first, you may think that is too expensive, but paying a body shop is $$$$ too.

I've also been thinking about painting the spoiler and the rack gray like the other trim and putting it back on.

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