rear sill replacement

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Jun 24, 2003
Vancouver, Washington
My rear sill is completly gone destroyed by rust. Hell my whole tub is toasted by rust. I'am not ready to replace it right now, probably just strengthen it up w/ some angle iron and flat bar stock. Tell me what have you done to fix this problem? I know there are kits out there, but I don't want to spend the $$$ to fix it. Can I weld attach apeice of angle iron to some brackets to the rear frame member and then weld angle iron on to them. It will work!

Eventually I want to tube my body and get rid of the rear of the tub.
I went to my local steel shop and spendt a whopping $12 for a rear sill. All you have to do is know how to measure. My shop even bends the steel for next to nothing. Who need's ccot, HAHHHHHHHHH. Yeh the ribs aren't there, but who needs ribs when your only droppn beer money. Good luck
What ribs? I thought that the rear sill was just a metal channel. Thanks.
gumby do you have a picture?
replacing the rear sill with fabricated metal... Can't get to those bolts that hold the bed to the frame ( from underneath at the bumper). Any ideas or help? Tried using a swivel on the socket but couldn't get the torque to make it work. help??? The frame keeps getting in the way...
your going to replace the sill, cut through it with a cut-off wheel and replace the bolts with some good stuff when installing the new stuff. Also, if it is rusted up the bolts are probably bad anyways.

Ditto on the square tube idea

Went to my local metal supply got some 2x4 steel cut to length. Welded on some bolts to match up with the holes in the crossmember and closed up the ends. Worked great for me. Just remember that if you have a weak tub and you cut out any large chunk be sure to use some kind of jig to keep it from warping.

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