rear shoulder belt questions

Dec 3, 2005
Coquitlam B.C.
i have pealed back the vynl and i have the nuts in the passenger pillars , has any one used seat belts out of a different vehicle for example a camry or similar ? does any one know what the diameter and thread pitch the nut that is in there is ? it seams to me that it might be easy enough to goto the auto wrekers and find a suitable donor ?

thanks kevin
Oct 7, 2005
Cedar Falls, Iowa
I bought some mid 80's Toyota pickup seatbelts and have gotten them to work with a little creativity. What you will find is that the length of the belt can become the limiting factor. Mine are just long enough to get over my 5 year old's lap when he sits on his booster seat. I think it is long enough for the average adult, but not sure...... Try looking for Four Runner rear belts, or belts from newer vehicles w/ rear seats. Mine came w/ the mounting bolts, so...... I thought that there was a previous post a while back that mentioned the size of the bolt and such. Or pm CDan.

Blue 60

As a side note, I completely disassembled my retractors so that I could put the new belt in the old housing. That way I didn't have to jerry-rig up something potentially unsafe. The belt just comes up thru the rear carpet behind the seat and on up to the C pillar. I just need to get it back out and re-adjust the spring tension....:mad:


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Sep 6, 2004
North West Ontario
I bought FJ62 seatbelts from SOR. I had to weld in the mount at the bottom, and I used the threaded hole at the top. They look great.

Now I have to make a new panel for the back area.

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