rear shock length

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Jan 18, 2005
I am fabbing up my rear shock mounts. I am building shock towers that come up throught the floor.

This is a SOA with 55 springs. What are some of you guys running for travel length? Is 12" enough, or is 14" better?



(Sorry for the cross post from the 40 section.)
Related questions:

How much up travel vs. drop should I plan for? The setup I mocked up last night has about 5" of up travel with 14" bilsteins.

How far inboard is too far inboard for the shock mounts. The shocks are mounted vertically about 3.5 inches inboard of the spring packs. Is that too far in? I'll try and post a pic in a bit.


Here are some pics of the rear shock towers I put together. I used the stock shock towers, built a couple brackets and some tabs on the housing. The shocks are going to be Bilstein 14".

I settled on about 4.5" of compression to bumpstops. The shocks are about 2" inboard of the ubolt plates.
rear shock bracket.jpg
rear shock tower.jpg
rear shock towes.jpg
I am running 12" on my Stock Rear SOA.. Mounted to the Stock Cross member about 4" Apart, The Axle mounts are 1" or so in from the springs.. Id think with your setup you would want 14" shocks 60%Down 40%Up..
Thanks isotel.

That's about where I ended up. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.
Hi All:

Wow Andy! that is some impressive fab work!

Thanks Alan. I am really learning a lot on this project. I am really just learning how to weld.

I wish I had it back together so I can play. A few more weeks and I should be putting it all back together.

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