Rear Seat Cover?

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Mar 27, 2003
Lompoc, CA
Has anybody found an industrial strength seat cover - something like canvas or cordura nylon - to protect all sides of the rear seat? Preferably tailored well enough to permit the seats to articulate individually, but that's gravy. I'm beating the crap out of the cargo side of the seat and want to protect it with something better than cardboard before I tear something. Thanks, BigMac
I would check with -- they're reasonably priced adn have a wide range of stuff --
[quote author=Junk link=board=2;threadid=5579;start=msg44037#msg44037 date=1064301633]
You mean the 2nd row, or the 3rd? I thought those tuffducks from SOR did.

Yep - They do. I have them, quite heavy duty, cover all sides, etc and have stood the test of twins and dog. Some 'canvas like' cloth - spill proof, good fit, etc

Cheers, Hugh
Thanks Junk & Hugh - Tuff Ducks look perfect. BigMac

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