Rear Seat Belt Retainer Replacement

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Jul 9, 2011
As a replacement to a broken plastic seat belt retainer clips that got smashed each time the bench was folded, I was inspired at the local Home Depot at the picture hanging hardware display. A particular Command Brand steel hanging plate had a T-post just the right size to capture the seat belt buckle. Best of all, mounted on the back side of the seat it does not scrape the bench when folded as did the OEM clip. Except for the post poking through the carpet, the plate is completely inconspicuous.

Installation is straight forward. Remove a few seat molding screws and pull back the carpeting on the back near the seat top. Drill the steel seat back and attach the plate with some screws. Slot the carpet like a button hole and slide it over the T-post. Reinstall carpet and molding. No more fishing the (retracting) seat belts from under the seat.
Seat Belt Retainer.jpg

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