Rear quarter louver gaskets

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May 31, 2010
I replaced the rear quarter trim under the windows but I am still getting a little water in my rear quarters. Looking at the parts diagrams of the rear quarter vents all I see is the duct assembly for about $60 and the louver assembly. I dont see any individual gaskets available. Does anyone know if the rubber gaskets are available by them selves? Also I thin the rear louver is just a hard plastic part and all the weather sealing is the duct. Is that correct?
The way the assembly is designed, the louver has a small gasket strip around its outer edge, but that's for looks, AFAIK (the louver is hard plastic and I think would rub against the painted body). The duct sits in the hollow between the outer and inner panels, but there's extra room in there. IIRC, the duct has a foam seal on the outer edge that contacts the underside of the louver. There is no waterproof gasket.

If you replaced the belt molding and it's still wet in the space between the inner and out fenders under the window, your window seal is leaking. I replaced mine last year, and had to replace the frame along with it. There was so much corroded aluminum on both sides of the frame, I figured it would cost me more in time to clean it than to pay for new frames. On top of that, I didn't think they'd seal, even after they were cleaned.

If you're going to replace the seals, you should replace the frames too. You'll already have the glass and rubber out, after that, it's only a few screws and the frame is out.

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