Rear QTR Pannel weep hole & plug

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Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
The right rear qtr is full of water. I cleared the rear weep hole and there is a plug to drain in the front part. Is there more than one weep hole?

I also found a plug and small vacuum size clear hose under the speaker, any ides what it is for?
Water is probably leaking in past the quarter belt moulding clips. Flood the outside of the quarter glass to check before you put the trim back in.
It looks like there is only one weep hole. It looks that the water was comming from the body damage at the tail light. I put some new ribbon sealer from 3M.
There is a hole on out side with a vinyl patch (dime size), looks to be a overflow hole. The patch came off. Should I plug it or ???.It might be when water comes in contact with the patch, comes off.
Water is most likely coming from the window. If you open up the slider you will see that the gasket is seraited.
Water came from body damage. There was a gap that water could get in. Its sealed now. I will hose the heck out of the window to see if it leaks, thanks for the tip u-all.

That is one knobby knee ::)
I found another leak on the pass. side rear quarter pannel. The side marker is leaking. I put ribbon sealer on both sides of the rubber gasket.
The wheel flare is leaking at a mounting screw too. The window gasket is not leaking yet.
Once I get all the leaks sealed, how do I take care of the rust at the bottom of the quarter pannel? It is not rusted bad, just at the seam where the weep hole is.
Is there something that will take care of the rust in the seam and prevent it too?

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