Rear Pinion Slow Leak

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Apr 20, 2004
This pic was from today after this portion of my project has been sitting for over a year without moving. The dust has revealed a leak.

Is this due to a bad pinion seal? How many :banana: job is this?

What does MUD suggest here? It does not seem to be enough to even leave a drop in a year, but just spreads out.

I am learning on this project and have rebuilt my engine, but for some reason this seems daunting to me.

What to do here?

i just replaced my rear pinion seal. the seal was like $9 from the toyota dealership, you pull off that driveshaft flange and you will see the seal. pry it out its kind of a pain in the butt it doesn't matter if you destroy it tho since your replacing it. to install the new one i got my water pump pulley (had it laying around) put it on top of the seal and laid a piece of wood across and hit the wood and it put it in perfectly. make sure to lube up the new pinion seal well especially the inside theres a "spring" in there you dont want to fall out (its not a real spring i was told so dont freak out like i did)

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