Rear of Spindle - OK or Not?

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May 15, 2005
Got a late start on the front axle. I just got the PS dorn down. Nothing out of the ordinary to report other than the brass on the rear of the spindle is worn in the shape of an eye. It looks like someone carved an egyptian eye - a foot ball shape with a perfect circle in the middle. Do I need a new spindle or what?:confused:
I'd send pics, but this isn't my computer.
That is the brass bushing and it is cut to be that way. The carved "eye" should be lubed area during reassembly or your truck may GROAN at you afterwards.
With that, is it really "worn"?


I'm glad to hear that it's supposed to be that way. It 's not worn. It's in great shape. I'm cleaning everything now. Hoping to have it back together by midnight. Thanks again!

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