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Nov 9, 2017
New to the site but have spent hours pushing days now gleaning the great info here which I appreciate.

Vehicle in question is a '93 80 series with 154,000 miles. Lives in the rust belt.

Rear locker is not working. Removed it and disassembled completely. Cleaned it thoroughly.

The shunt from one brush was completely detached. Replaced both brushes with 4x4x9mm which is a tad smaller than the originals.

Bench test putting 12v to pins 3/2 and 2/3 did not actuate the motor.

Cleaned and Bar tested the commutator. Bar to bar yielded consistent .9 ohms. 180 degree test yielded a range of .4-.6 ohms. Bar to ground checked out on all ten bars.

Motor magnets in the cover were reinstalled to correct polarity (2 popped off during removal).

Put 12v power to it again and the motor cover heated up. Motor did not turn.

New brushes are making good contact. Armature is centered and spins freely without rubbing of the magnets and winding/lamination stack.

Wire connections seem to be in good shape throughout (no broken solder joints) from what I can see.

Have questions about the plug but there is no apparent corrosion on the pins.

Any thoughts on next steps would greatly appreciated.

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