Rear jump seats for a FJ60



Has anyone out there mounted rear jump seats in the cargo area of an FJ60. If so, what year of FJ40 did you take them from and how did you mount them? How well do you like how it turned out? Thanks for your help, Chris
Feb 27, 2002
I got mine from a vendor and it was a generic looking two place seat, similar to a sidekick rear and mounted it rear facing, kids like it a lot. My favorite, if I were to do it again is the Toy late 80s van middle row. Using nutserts is a good option if you don't want to have them be quick to remove. And if you want them to be, then torch out the floor receivers in the aforementioned van and retrofit into your floor (do it with the gas tank removed :D). Now jumpseats from a 40 are going to be side mount and won't be to the kids liking IMHO on long trips. I'd do instead either OEM 60 third row (rare item, but SOR gets them sometimes looks like a more utilitarian version of the 80 seat) or an 80 third row (which I believe should fit nicely based on some measuring and swapping from my 80) both forward facing.
Try a Pick n Pull for the seat from a van, dunno who could sell a cheap 80 third row though.
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