Rear Hitch Bike Carriers w/ Rear Bumper Tire Carrier

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Mar 18, 2018
Denver, CO
Hey everyone,

I’m searching for a better solution to my rear hitch bike carrier. Currently with my rear tire carrier and cooler, I can only fit one bike back there on my Kuat rack without the inside bike (closest to trunk) coming into conflict with the rear tire carrier.

Has anyone figured this out?

I don't have a picture, but we use a Thule 4-bike rack. It lays back when you just need to get something out of the back and all 4 bikes easily clears the swing-away tire and propane tank mounts while driving. We used to use it with our 15-passenger van and thought that the hitch bar was awfully long; now we love the length. It does unfortunately offer less of a departure angle.....
I had Mike at BIO build this rack for the swing out. It’s not the prettiest thing or has the best rear clearance, but it’s strong and I can get the bikes out of the way easily.


Kuat makes a swinging hitch extension, I've had one for the last few years and it's been ok. Rackattack, wilco, and Yakima also make them.
These are the only bike racks that work exquisitely with swingouts: iSi Advanced 4x4 Bicycle Carriers | Extreme Duty | Offroad | Cars | 4x4 | Caravans and Camper Trailers -

Example on a 4runner that I used to own:
View attachment 3229493

But like @Somebodyelse5 I also ditched the swingout idea on my Cruisers. Too much hassle.

This is the answer! I use the ISI 4 bikes rack with my ARB dual swingout. I'd also ditch the swingout If I can fit my spare tire (34.5") in the standard location!

My Dissent rear swing out has a hitch receiver on it .. have you found that your bike wheels stick out far past the side of the vehicle? Any concerns?

Sweet bike btw.
That bike is loooong with 29+ tires. It sticks out just a bit on both sides but far less than the mirrors.

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