Rear heater hose replacement


M Go Blue
Aug 18, 2003
Nashville, TN
I just got my care package from C-dan :D with new radiator hoses etc. and I wanted to change out all of the regular heater hose sections as well. I've done the PHH in the past and the hoses on the firewall look to be accessible but there are two more 6" sections just before entering the rear heater right above the heat shields for the cat (94 model) and next to the frame. One looks to be possible with some grief but the other impossible to change without removing the cats. Has anyone tackled these or has anyone had them fail? With all the heat generated by the cats I'm concerned they may fail. Can these be changed later without draining the entire cooling system being those lines are controlled by the heater valve or will it siphon out?
Mar 27, 2003
I've eyeballed them while removing the exhaust pipe at the cat inlets. I will probably remove the cats to get to them. Someday.

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