Rear Hatch TEQ badge?

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May 1, 2012
We had a customer reach out to us overseas and ask for a rear TEQ badge for his 2022 cruiser. We ended up making him one and the word got out that we had done that. We got an order for an overseas group wanting a batch so we made a large batch. Most shipped out in the order but we have around a dozen left. Figured I would let you guys know about them. If they sell well then we will make another batch. If they take a while to sell then this will be the end of the line for the product. The product links are below. Our Etsy and Ebay shop is where we do international shipping. Our main website only sells to clients here in the US so I am assuming most of you will be ordering through etsy and ebay.
2022 Landcruiser Rear TEQ Badge | eBay -




For those who don’t know, the “TEK” logo is stylized Japanese for “Toyota Genuine Parts”.
For those who don’t know, the “TEK” logo is stylized Japanese for “Toyota Genuine Parts”.
That's kind of correct. The modern use of that logo is seen on OEM parts and so the logo gets associated with OEM parts which is correct but the actual logo doesn't really reference parts. The letters are Japanese Katakana lettering which spells "TOYOTA". It's a stylized imagery of the letters because it's taken from the signature of Mr. T himself. It's basically the stylized version of the Ford logo (a signature). It's Toyota's version of the same concept. The logo started being used by Toyota in 1936. The use of the actual word "TOYOTA" doesn't show up until 1958. The "TEQ" is the original Toyota logo. The use of it on modern vehicles is simply a retro look paying homage to the roots of Toyota. That was probably way more info than anyone wanted to know. I figured if I was going to make these I should at least educate myself in what it's all about. Now I have one more facet of useless information I can't do anything with. Here's the visual breakdown of the logo.

Will this fit a 200?
No, it's about 20% too large. We do have 200 series badges for the 08-15 front and rear and the 16-21 rear. We still need to find someone with a 2016 grille that is willing to work with us in developing that front badge so we can finish up and release that product line. We have the 3 badges mentioned in stock if your interested.

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