Rear full float axel on FJ60?

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Opinions on replacing my semi float rear axel with full float on 86 FJ60? Looking for the durability of extra bearing and higher rating 1-ton.
Keep in mind that "1-ton" is rather arbitrary and depends greatly on which market the vehicle was sold. One ton in Austrailia, Africa, etc. does not mean one ton in the United States (Not too sure where you're at).

The bearings are the same as the front axle bearings. I think some will say one is stronger than the other; personally I hate C-clips.

Edit: And search. :flipoff2:
I don't know, FF vs SF, if the FF is really significantly stronger from a shock breakage standpoint, but you get better reliability with the supported shaft and extra bearings, and redundancy since you can drive out with a broken axle with a FF

I have been thinking of a way to adapt (with a plate adaptor of some sort) the front wheel spindle onto the end of the SF rear axle housing, that would give you a full floater with the same bearings, spindles, hubs, rotors etc on all 4 corners

Just have to weld some tabs onto the adaptor plate for brake calipers (probably mini truck or supra if u need a park brake) and have some custom axle shafts made

I don't know if it is practical or not, the Semi-Float housing might have to be reinforced at the ends, I just figured it could be a good economical solution since most of the parts can be sourced from a junk-yard

Most of the LC suppliers sell full-floater housings, It may be cheaper and easier to do the OEM FF axle, shipping is a killer though
Unless you carry alot of weight I dont see an advantage of the cost of the swap.
Do you use your Cruiser hard off road? what size tire's are you running?
Just some things to think about. The Ff will use the same bearings and seals as your front axle, and will be a direct bolt on... but, unless you NEED the weight carring ability it prolly wont be worth the $ 500/600 you'll have to spend to get one

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