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Feb 12, 2005
Prince George, BC
Hello fellow rust fighters,

Anyone have pics of their rear frame repairs/replacements?(using 2x4 tubing) I am using 2x4 rectangular tubing and am replacing the whole rear frame. I found a few pics on here but none showing how they mounted the rear body mounts that attach to the sill on the tub. This is a sample pic of what I'm dealing with which really doesn't do the extent of the rust justice. The "good" metal stops at where the diagonal braces attach to the frame rails. I've since done some grinding and cleaning to confirm that. The rest of the frame looks good. I was also thinking about adding an extra 1 or 2 inches on to the back of the frame while I'm at it because I'm using 60 series springs and want a few extra inches of wheelbase. The rear end of the frame would also end up being the bumper so it would have to stick out past the tub for mounting my spare tire carrier. Is this a good idea? Has anyone on here done this? I haven't done much big stuff on the rig since last spring but will hopefully have more to post on my buildup soon when I actually start making visual progress. This is by no means a resto at this point and I'm only looking to build a rig I can wheel the heck out of and occasionally drive to work in.

Thanks everyone for all the knowledge so far! If it wasn't for IH8Mud I'd be working on my house or something boring like that.:beer:

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