rear driver brake locking after driving awhile?

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Aug 25, 2020
Los Alamitos, CA
Just finished the drum to disc conversion with the JT Outfitters kit. Kit was awesome, everything fit great. After talking to John at JT, he was saying the rod in the new master cylinder starts touching the brake booster... as everything heats up it expands.
Did the kit come with a new master cylinder or did you remove the residual valve from the old one ?
It came with this cylinder. Didn't remove anything from the old cylinder?

Did you adjust the rod? The one from booster to master? Did you adjust the pedal height with the rod from pedal to booster?
John indicated I had to turn the rod from booster to master a quarter turn to shorten it a bit. Seems like a simple adjustment. I did not adjust the pedal height at all
You can adjust the rod without a tool or measuring and get it close. You unbolt the master from the booster and hold it against the booster. You can feel the resistance if the rod is too long and engaging the master piston. Then shorten it up until no more resistance. A little dab of grease on the end of the pushrod can show how far in you are too. If putting it on pushes all the grease off the tip, it’s still tight.
Pedal to booster shouldn’t need adjusted unless it wasn’t right to begin with or the booster was changed.
Looks like I may need to adjust the pedal side. I have temporarily placed washers as spacers to put the master a bit farther away from the booster to keep the brakes from locking up. I am wondering if there are any tricks to adjusting the brake side to shorten the booster rod a bit? Thanks for the help!

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