Rear drive line woes

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Oct 12, 2007
Greenwood, CA.
This is a new install, engine and everything. With the rear driveline in place I get a bad vibration while accelerating and decellerating. Even while coasting I hear kloncking noises. I dont see where the ujoints are hitting but it might be. In using a CV joint in the front and regular u joint in the back. The transmission and tcase if FJ60 and axles.

When driving without the rear driveline in it's smooth, no vibrations.
Your pinion angle should be in line with the drive shaft when you have a CV joint at the transfer case.

Should have been set with the spring over perches. Some angled shims might work at this point.:meh:

Don't drive it any more like that or you'll be trashing that nice new drive shaft.:frown:
you might need to move your oil fill hole up to get enough in with the pinion pointed up that far.
I used a non CV driveshaft with the pinion situated like yours, no vibration and it's real short, I had the stock one shortened locally.
I'm with Cdaniel - I have the same set-up, except my pinion points directly to the center of the p-brake drum. I buzz down the road at 70 smooth as glass. (As mentioned, remember to move your oil fill hole up about 1 1/2 to 2")
looks like missing hardware on both ends, nut on the transfer case and a bolt on the rear. Hard to tell for sure in the pic.

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