Rear Door Ladder

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Jun 24, 2006
Comox BC
Hey does anybody know of a source for reasonably priced 70 series rear door ladders? Thanks
I'd try:
Mustang in armstrong
Radd Cruisers in victoria
G and S cruisers in Vancouver
4wheelauto in edmonton

or make one since theres not much to them. If you go this route and if you let me know I can send detailed pictures of my factory one on how it attaches etc
I'm also looking for a ladder.
77cruiser77 - appreciate it if you could post some pics. I'll probably build one.
Thanks, Rick
77cruiser77, Yes, if you could put up some photos that would be great. I did try RADD but he couldn't help. Building it is probably the way to go. My friend wants one for his HZJ73 as well and I think the back L/H door is the same as my 78.

I only know of two HZJ77s in person - John's at Radd, and mine.
From what I've read there are at least 3 more in BC????

There are quite a few actually, there is Charla's, Rick's, mine, Clinton's PZJ77 and a couple more here and there.

The LJ78 Prados are likely a good source of rear door ladders.

My rear ladder came off a Prado. Fits great and they have the same doors as the 70, 71, 73 and 74 series.
if i am not wrong are you talking about the same one
well there are lot of 2nd hand (genuine)+new available here in Prado came with the roof rack and ladder i think from japan as i m the first owner of has a decal(Japanese written and LJ 78 showing) on the top of the ladder but it is vanished due to the weather conditions here
Any chance someone could post up some pics of a side view of the ladder (is it straight?)
And pics / description of how it attaches to the door?
Thanks, Rick
baja9007 / 77cruiser77

Would you guys mind posting some close ups and side shots of your ladders? It seems I have sparked some interest here.


I just started driving my hzj77 today but its getting a bit dark now. In the morning I'll snap some shots and post em up

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