Rear disconnects

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Apr 24, 2003
anyone out there made a rear drive shaft disconnect, how would you go about it, how do they work? lack of front dig ability is the only thing stopping me using cruiser drivetrain in a buggy i might be building. (in aus, so don't go suggesting atlas's and jeep/ ford/ dodge/ chev tcases:))
CAll Jess at highangle. He has them for mini trucks. I am sure that they could be adapter to a cruiser.

That being said, you will probably need to lose the stock drum pbrake to make one work..
second question is HOW DO They WORK.

i can't even find that info on the web :(
The company that makes a system for towing behind RVs is Remco, but I have seen them and would not run them on a trail rig. It has a sliding splined collar that is cable actuated the engages the driveshaft. I saw a 4runner with one last year in Colorado that twisted it right of the truck on a simple trail.
i've been thinking, i have a couple of spare T cases sitting round.

could i attach a front output housing onto the rear of my case (instead of the handbrake drum)

i know the output shaft to the drum is different spline to the fine spline front output, but what about the course spline front output.

alternatively, use the housing, and get a collar (like the front drive collar) and another output shaft made up to match the shaft that goes through the handbrake drum...

damn wish those spare cases were at this house right now
Have already looked at the possibility of using the front output on the back. Absolutely will work but it won't be the toughest t-case in the world. The front output has been a weakness already. Don't know how long it will survive in the rear. That is why I decided to switch to a 205 t-case.
hammerhead, what age front output? and what age rear output are we talking?

if i'm getting a split case soon, i'm tempted to trial it.
Just wait till Marlin comes out with his 32 spline front dig mini tcase.

I am going to get one..
the DS disconnects basically are a collar on the ds. they have 2 splined sections that can be disconnected. kinda like a front hub with two shafts..

They are very custom and would suck for a truck driven on the road (DS almost never lines up properly for balance)

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