Rear Differential Leak - Replace Gasket or the whole Enchilada (1 Viewer)

Aug 9, 2012
Central Texas
I have a FJ40 (1974 FST) that I bought a few years ago with the intentions of learning as I go and getting her on the road. 2 years later and, after a few life setbacks, I'm back at it again. She sat for many years (only has 27000 original miles) and I've replaced just about every hose. I noticed that the Rear Differential seems to be leaking. My question is, do I just buy a new gasket for $8.00 or do I buy a kit from CCOT and really delve into my learn at home Mechanics course and replace everything I can get at.

I prefer the $8.00 solution and the fact that it has so little miles on it, I would think that would be all I would need to do. But I have read on here in many places where people say things go bad when they sit too long... What say you? $8.00 gasket or $140 kit from CCOT?

Jul 20, 2004
Chandler, AZ
If it's just leaking between the diff and axle housings, I would just remove the diff clean and seal with Permatex Ultra Grey. I never use a gasket there, much less prone to leaks.

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